Welcome to Spriggan Miniatures, home of SPUGs!
Available at the moment are codes SP01 to SP13, the basic infantry of the SPUG race, the Drone.
Regular infantry, Jump troop, Omega, Exosuit Light and Heavy Infantry.

About orders: It's taking me a bit longer to process orders at the moment, I'm spending less time in
work since the birth of my son. Rest assured I am still going and your order will arrive!
 New sculpts are in the pipeline.... (quite a long way
down the pipeline, but they are in there somewhere....)  

As of late August 2013 I am still producing Spugs, never mind what some people on the internet say! :)
Postage prices start at £2.00 plus an amount based on order weight.


We can accept payment via PAYPAL, just click on the store link to order.

Customers  in the USA can order direct or through Rattlehead Games:

For SPUG army lists in Chain Reaction 2.0, check out Two Hour Wargames:

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